Our thoughts are with Fort McMurry

As I've watched the events up north unfold I can't help but be glued to the screen watching the updates. My heart breaks for the 80+ thousand residents that have been evacuated and are unsure of when they can, if they can, return home.

Although the devastation doesn't compare, 3 short years ago my family and I were evacuated from our Canmore home due to the Flood in 2013. The uncertainty, the surreal feeling of helplessness as a natural disaster out of anyones control threatens your community and your future. The feelings of total fear and sadness come barreling back instantly as I see what the residents of Fort McMurry are going through.

The AMAZING selflessness that Albertan's showed to us, and are showing to them is an emotion that words cannot express. The people that drop everything without hesitation to go and help those in need, individuals, small business's and large corporations all ban together to ensure that all of our own are safe. I moved her 13 years ago from Ontario. I thought about leaving many times. After our flood experience, Alberta won a resident for life. 

Alberta, YOU ROCK.