Featured on Calgary Bride - Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Last week Calgary Bride did a feature article and Instagram takeover of some of our favorite wedding invitation designs from this year. 

Have a peek at the article over here on the Calgary Bride website: http://www.calgarybride.ca/inspiration/wedding-stationery-inspiration-from-pink-umbrella-designs/

The article includes 10 Invite Inspiration photos, a Seating Chart and a Welcome Sign plus the below text:

"I am crazy about stationery. As a former craft-aholic, and a lover of design and creative, wedding stationery is definitely one of those things that make me swoon. I treasure invitations, I love to keep them tucked away in special boxes so I can revisit them later. Wedding stationery is also one of those budget items where a little bit goes a long way - instead of a solid colour paper, opting for a paper with a pattern or a texture to it can make a huge difference in the impact and overall style of your invitations. 
And while, designing and organizing your stationery can be overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. With the help of a professional, you can create a gorgeous stationery set that hits all the right creative and etiquette notes! Shanna from Pink Umbrella Designs has been creating custom stationery for Rocky Mountain brides for years, and she has a roster of talented professionals she pulls from to handle any and every stationery job. She's sharing her top picks for stationery designs in 2016, trends that are sure to see move forward for 2017 couples as well! "

A bit THANK YOU to Calgary Bride for always supporting Pink Umbrella and all the love they've shown us over the years.