Wedding Invitation Timeline Tips

Happy 2017!

Here we are, the year a lot of you have been waiting for, it's finally 2017 and this year you're getting married! YES!

I thought I'd talk a bit about stationery timelines today to help you sort out when a good time to send out your invites would be, or to start working on wedding day items, or maybe you're getting married later this year or in 2018 and are curious when to send out your Save the Dates. Read on..

Save the Dates

These are typically sent out about 1 year in advance until about 8 months in advance. 


If you're googling this one you'll find all sorts of answers. Some websites tell you to mail your invites out around 6 weeks before you're wedding, and I think those websites are crazy. Don't listen to them! A good timeframe for mailing your invites out is about 4 months, if you're doing a destination wedding, I'd send them a bit sooner so your guests can book their travel arrangements. 

Take into account that it takes time to create your wedding invites too. I recommend to allow for about 6 - 8 weeks from the time you start looking to the time you have them in hand.  We do offer Pre-Designed wedding invitations as well as custom designed invitations. The process for pre-designed invites can be much quicker, so if you're on a tight timeline choosing something pre-designed but customizable might be the way to go..

Example Timeline

Your Wedding date is August 19, 2017.
Mail your invites sometime in April or early May.
Start the Invitation process around February. 

Wedding Day Stationery

This includes items such as a Seating Chart, Welcome Sign, Menu's, Place Cards, Ceremony Programs, Table Numbers, Reception Signage (Cake, Guest Book, Cards, Photobooth etc)

I typically contact clients who ordered wedding invitations from me about 6 weeks before their wedding. This is when you should have your rsvp's back and can start planning your day of items. If you've ordered your wedding invites online and are looking for something local for your wedding day stationery you should contact the stationer you like at least 2 months in advance to get the process started. 

Thank You Cards

The wedding over and so is the planning! Some couples can't wait to get started on their thank you cards to keep the momentum going, and some just need a break. The good news is that taking a bit of time to get these out is expected. You'll need to wait for your photos to come back from the photographer, have a honeymoon and enjoy the down time. Try and get them in the mail to your guests no more than 6 months post wedding, otherwise they may get bumped from the to-do list. 

Are you Ready?

If you just read this and thought, oh! I need to start looking for stationer, you can book an appointment at the following link to meet up, see samples and brainstorm about your invites.


As always, if you have any questions shoot me and email. 


Shanna Cremers

Photo credit: Darren Roberts