Wedding Day Stationery - Yay or Nay?!

Summer is ALMOST here! Can you believe how fast this year is going? Most of you summer brides have your wedding invitations done and mailed out by now and your working on last minute details for your wedding day. Let's take some time to chat about wedding day stationery here, something you may or may not be excited about or impartial to. 

What is Wedding Day Stationery?

Items like Seating Charts, Place Cards, Menu's, Table Numbers, Welcome Signs, Ceremony Programs, Candy Bar signage, Guestbook, Cupcake and Gift table signs are all part of wedding day stationery.

Why do you need Wedding Day Stationery?

Is this is a trick question?! Just kidding. Wedding Day stationery helps keep the look of your wedding cohesive. By using the same design and feel of your wedding invitations in the menus, table numbers, programs, seating chart etc help with the theme and tonne that you've already set. Adding paper elements is a very easy way to add colour and decor to your tables and room, for a pretty minimal cost. Adding a menu to every guests place setting adds an element that brightens up the table and adds more depth. 

What can't you live without?

I recommend ALL of my clients order a Seating Chart. Unless you have 15 guests or less at your wedding, not having a Seating Chart could cause some pretty major Wedding Politics right before your reception starts. Imagine 80 - 150 guests trying to sort out where they can see the newlyweds from the best, where they might get served food faster, where they can hear speeches from the best etc. It's messy. Having a Seating Chart pointing guests in the right direction will save valuable minutes off of your reception time so you can get on the dance floor sooner!

How far in advance should we book wedding day stationery?

I recommend no less than 6 weeks before you wedding you should contact a wedding stationer to help you with your stationery. If you're prepared earlier, that's great too. This isn't something you want to leave until last minute as it will just add stress to your already large to-do list. 


As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, or for a quote.