Glitter Cardstock Available in over 30 Colours

We’re loving Glitter Cardstock these days to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding stationery. Our Glitter Cardstock is of the best quality, and glitter will not fall off or chip away, and is available in over 30 colours.

Available in:
White, Opal White, Diamond, Silver, Gold Leaf, Bright Gold, Gold, Dark Gold, Pink, Rose, Violet, Pink Punch, Champagne, Sand, Bronze Copper, Dark Chocolate, Purple, Grape Gem, Sapphire Gem, Jewel Blue, Prussian Blue, Ocean Blue, Wine Red, Ornament Gem, Olive Green, Kiwi Gem, Green, Copper, Onyk, Bronze and Black.

Big Thanks to these Talented Photographers for the photos:
Emily Exon Photography - Top Photo
Eternal Reflections Photography - Middle Two Photos